Check out the latest Practice Resources Released by NLASW

The wealth of practice resources available to NLASW members continues to expand with the release of the following:

  • Being your Best Professional Self: Whether you are starting your journey as a new social worker or are a seasoned professional, the latest edition of the Ethical Compass provides helpful strategies for being your best professional self.
  • Informed Consent with Children & Youth: Practice Guidelines for Social WorkCan social workers provide counselling to a youth without parental consent? How much information can social workers share with parents without the child’s consent? Is the informed consent of both parents needed prior to the start of the therapeutic relationship?  These questions and more are explored in the latest practice resource released by NLASW.  The document was designed to provide social workers with guidance in the areas of informed consent and client confidentiality when working with minors.  
  • Intersections between Social Work Practice and Legislation:  A social worker in a hospital setting does not want to engage in conversations with clients who request information about Medical Assistance in Dying and questions if she is legally obligated.  Everyday social workers deal with complex situations where legislation, ethics and practice intersect. The latest edition of Practice Matters explores this intersection and uses case scenarios, such as the example provided above, to bring this topic to life.