Practice Resources - Make These Part of your Everyday Social Work Toolkit!

NLASW has a wealth of practice resources available to social workers.  Members can easily access the full range of resources under the practice resources menu.  The latest additions include:

Ethical Compass Volume 8 - The Ethics of Knowing One’s Professional Limitations: The latest edition of the Ethical Compass recognizes that while social workers are skilled in many areas, it is important to continually consider one’s competency and professional limitations in practice. Read more at

Documentation Matters Tip #2 – Is it appropriate to use abbreviations or acronyms in social work recording?: As noted in the latest edition of Documentation Matters, the writing and language used in social work documentation must be clear and not left open to misinterpretations. Helpful questions are posed to reflect on when considering the use of abbreviations or acronyms. Access the latest edition at

Guiding Framework for Social Workers Concerned about the Professional Practice of aUpdated
This document was recently updated to include information pertaining to quality assurance. The full document is available at